Kyuto-Ryu Kyogen Performer Zenkyu Kawata


Born on March 31, 1980 in Akashi, Hyogo prefecture. Graduated from Nada private high school.

In 1999, upon entering Kyoto university, he started playing Kyogen at KGKK(Kyoto student Kyogen club). He took lessons from Masao Kimura and Masami Amitani, who are Kyogen actors of the Okura school and he has learned Traditional Kyogen for more than 20 years. Besides, he has worked on learning programs and workshop of Kyogen.

These days, he has also been working on making the laughter of Kyogen more popular among people these days by collaborating with other entertainment groups such as “Kyuto-ryu sadou”, modernized Japanese tea ceremony, or creating “Kyogen in Suits” and “Kyogen for Marriage Hunting.”


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Career as a Kyogen actor

July 1999, acted first stage at Yasaka Shrine Noh Theater (Kyoto City). Played “Ado”(supporting actor) in “Syatei.”

October 2007, played “Kirokuda” for the first time at Mikamiya Shrine Noh Theater (Kyoto).

October 2010, played “Nasunokatari” for the first time at Igusa hachimangu Noh Theater (Suginami ward, Tokyo).

November 2019, played “Buaku” for the first time at Ooe Nougakudou (Kyoto).

May 2020, played “Sanbaso” for the first time at Mikamayama Shrine.


Carrer as “Kyuto-ryu Tea Ceremony” Host

Since 2015, participated as a representative of Kyogen Division in “Kyuto-ryu Sadou,” which presents a new way of modern Japanese tea ceremony.

In recent years, created and played contemporary Kyogen at various events. In 2019, performed in Poland (Warsaw and Poznan).


Major events and careers as creative Kyogen choreographer.

January Saitan festival at Manzokuinari Shrine (Kyoto)
January “Tapioca milk tea and work style reform” at Kanda Myojin, Edo no Akari Exhibition (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)
February “Modern Kyogen Collection Part 3-Fukuro-“, “Modern Kyogen Collection Part 4-Inabado” @UrBANGUILD (Kyoto)
February “Chiken Arasoi” “An Inconvenient Truth of Tea Hosts” @ Kaisaiyu (Taito ward, Tokyo)

March “Chaburimai” at ROHM theatre Kyoto (Kyoto)
April “Hanami Business Person 3 -Ghost ver.-” at Saihoji Temple (Kyoto)
April “at kitchenette” at EGGPLANT (Kobe) originally from Aki Setogiwa
May “Hanakin Sanbaso” “Denwaban” “Modern Kyogen collection part2 -Nasunokatari-” at UrBANDGUILD (Kyoto) * partly collaborated with Hakumai Yamada
June “Denwaban -construction company ver.-” “Yakan Koji -entertainment ver.-” at outenin main hall (Osaka)
July “Hoshi negai” at Sandaya Main Store (Sanda)
July “Work style reform and Tapioca milk tea” at Sounenan (Kyoto)
August “Modern Kyogen collection part 3 -Fukuro-” at Ashimidai art festival (Kyoto)
October “Kagi” at TheLineRightKyoto “Theater on Roof” (Kyoto) originally by Aine Hikida
November “Chawan nusutto” at the Teatopia festival (Wauka-cyo, Kyoto)
November “Modern Kyogen collection part5 -Shibiri-” at Renjo temple (Nara)
November “Modern Kyogen collection part4 -Inabado-” at Japan-Poland diplomatic establishment 100-year commemorative cultural exchange project “Culture Ambassador: Japanese Theater Festival in Poland” (Warsaw and Poznan)
▶ Details of Japan-Poland Culture Amabassador



January “NAKANOTEI workshop” at NAKANOTEI (Nagaokakyo)
January “Kiwakoto Kyogen” at Kiwakoto (Kyoto)
March “Kyogen café learning at Machiya” (Kyoto)

May “Children cafeteria workshop” at shonin (Kyoto)
June Learn from Characters in Kyogen! Useful communication lecture at OBP academia (Osaka)
June “Kodomo Kyogen workshop” at Oyako café Laugh Rough Laugh (Osaka)
July ”Kokusai kazoku matsuri” at Inbado (Kyoto)
August “Machi no Kyoikuiinkai Everyone’s Summer Lecture” at KISTIC (Kyoto)
November [JICA]Bhutan Japanese Culture Training Instructor (Okino-gun Kaishi-cho)
December “Chitose ichi” at Kazariya (Kyoto)
December “Ozashiki Kyogen-kai” at Koubunsha (Kyoto)

November [JICA]Bhutan Japanese Culture Training Instructor (Okino-gun Kaishi-cho)



2002- Has studied Nohkan from Sugi Ichikazu, a fue-kata (flute player) of the Morita school
2004-2006 Studied rhymes and dances from Michiharu Toyoshima(currently Yaemon Toyoshima), shite-kata (main actor) of the Kongo school.
2016- Studied Shinobue(Japanese traditional flute) from Naomi Koizumi, a Shinobue player.
2017- Has participated in “Sagimai seminar” (Kyoto) and taken charge of restoration of Sagimai.
2017- Has participated in “Imagumanosarugaku” (a kind of Noh) and taken charge of choreography.
2019- Has participated in “Shihimai seminar” (Kyoto) and taken charge of teaching Fue(flute) in Shihimai.
2020- Has studied ”Kodan” (a style of traditional oral Japanese storytelling) from Nanko Kyokudou, Kodan storyteller.


Career of teaching Kyogen at schools

2004- Has played at Kyogen show for elementary and junior high school students at Ooe Noh Theatre (Kyoto)演
2014- Has taught at the workshop for foreign students at Doshisha university (Kyoto)
2016- Has taught acting of Kyogen at elementary school in Kikai island (Kikai-cho, Kagoshima)
March 2018 Became a special lecturer at Oki-Dozen high school (Oki-gun Ama-cho)



●the marriage hunting Kyogen “Metori” was introduced in the Web media “Let’s live in Kyoto ‘Lost child sightseeing Komare’ episode 5-9” (November 27, 2017~)
‘Lost child sightseeing Komare’

●Kyogen in Suits was introduced in NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station “Kyoichiniichi” (Broadcast on October 17, 2018)

●Kyogen in Suits was introduced in ABC radio “Dokkiri! Hakkiri! I am Yasushi Miyosawa” (Broadcast on November 1, 2018)

●Tanabata Creative Kyogen “Hoshigahi” was introduced in Yomiuri Shimbun Mita regional edition. (Published on June 22, 2019)

●”Smile and refresh! Salaryman Kyogen” is regurally broadcast on FM87.0 (RadioMixKyoto) (Broadcast from October 8, 2019~)

●”Kyutou-ryu Sadou” and Kyogen was introdueced in BBC Net News (Published on November 6, 2019)
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●Performance at the 81st Kyobate Salon was introduced in Nara Keizai Shimbun (November 15, 2019)
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●Kawada Zenkyu’s activity was introduced on the web media “Waraku” (Published on November 27, 2019)
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