Make a modern daily scene into traditional comedy “Kyogen”!
Please feel free to request/contact us!

1,What kind of scene do you bring in “Kyogen”?

Requests for various scenes such as entertainment stage, event production, entertainment at the wedding or celebration, lecture at school, etc. are welcomed.

For past activities, please see profile and performance information.



After consulting what you want us to create or perform, I will calculate an estimate. You can also tell me your budget first. I will tell you what I can do within that range.

Example of what I can do

依頼例 具体的な内容 見積り例
 Creative a new Kyogen
Lecture a workshop
Plan a Kyogen show
Perform at events



3,Due date

I will complete making Kyogens and plans of performance in about one month from the request. Please contact us if you are in a hurry.